Rejoice! That is what the Church tells us on this, Gaudete Sunday. St John called, and continues to call, all people to make radical changes in their lives.  It is too easy to let the sentimentality of Christmas get in the way both of our hearing his radical call to change, and in making real spiritual preparation for Christ’s coming among us. Christmas is not a sentimental feast.  It is about a radical change in the world and a radical change in us.  The Lord is in our midst.  He is among us.  He is within us.  The Kingdom of God is at hand and we have been chosen to be members of that Kingdom. Therefore we can rejoice!   To enjoy that Kingdom and to be free to rejoice we have to find the Messiah.  Is this difficult?  Not really. Jesus is not hiding from us.  He never hides from us.  It is we who often hide from Him.   What shall we do?  Repent and accept His radical love, and so embrace new life with Christ.  Let us love others with the love of Christ.  And so be truly happy and free to rejoice.

…and again I say rejoice!