St John called out to all who long for the Messiah: Prepare the way of the Lord.  Today he calls us because we too experience the desperation and darkness of a world that rejects God, but we know the joy and light that can be found in Jesus.  St John commands we prepare, prepare ourselves, prepare our children, and prepare our world, for its Saviour.  We do so by rooting out the darkness from our lives. So we go to confession during Advent to embrace light.  We want a clean house for expected guest.  We prepare the world for its Saviour by emphasising the reason for the celebration.  This Advent don’t just say “Happy Christmas” without inviting family and friends to join you at Mass on Christmas Day.  And when you come to Church and see many whom you do not normally see at Mass, welcome them warmly.  Let them know that we want them to be here.  There are many people who come back to a regular practice of the faith after being welcomed at Christmastime.  This is because others – you -prepared the way for them to let Christ into their lives. 

…to prepare the Way of the Lord!