Jesus teaches us that we should learn to place our confidence in God rather than in material things.  What makes that so difficult for us is that it requires the virtue of humility.  Humility means being able to see honestly where we stand before God.  The truly humble person’s need for God is strong because God’s presence is fundamental to his or her happiness.  For both the widows we meet in this week’s readings, God’s presence in their lives was more important than any thing they owned.  They are wonderful examples of the ideal believer who humbly trusts in God.  Like these two widows we want to give Him our all.  We want to put all our faith and trust in Him.  To do this we need to be assured that He sees us, that He knows us, that He cares for us at all times, and in all the situations of life in which we find ourselves.  As with all skills in life, if we want to have them we must use them.  Being humble, before the Lord, begins in acknowledging that we are sinners and at the same time knowing we are loved, forgiven and healed by our God.

…but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.